Evolving Vision

Summer 2017 update.

Our community has recently split into two factions, the “LLC” and the “Circle”. We, the current members of the “LLC” (Jerry Russell and Joanna Castro) are currently consulting with an attorney and negotiating with the “Circle”. We are hoping to reach an equitable settlement that will divide the land and the obligations of the project, and allow all parties to move forward with their lives.

Those with interest in learning more about our story, or in future membership, are encouraged to contact:

Joanna at 541-735-1578


Jerry at <jerry-r@comcast.net>.

Vedrica– Wise land

The vision of Vedrica is to co-create a settlement of people using the creation story as told by Anastasia in book 4 of the Ringing Cedars of Russia Series.

The creator had a divine dream to create something greater than self. This dream started a conversation amongst all the diverse energies of the universe. They asked the creator,

‘What do you desire?’

‘Co-creation and joy for all from its contemplation’ was the answer.

At the creator’s request, all the diverse energies contributed a part of their energy to the dream. The creator harmonized all of these energies within itself. The creator was filled with powerful energy and the desire to manifest. With a harmonized balance of all these energies, inspired by love, the creator made the physical world.

When love inspires two people to make a family together, a similar co-creation takes place. The different qualities of the couple are unified with a desire to birth a new life and the dream is manifested.

We have a dream to create something inspiring and joyful. Our vision is to co-create a settlement harmonizing and balancing the diverse energies of the members into a grand and beautiful loving mosaic of family domains.

The vision that follows is a co-creation of the members currently involved in Vedrica. As other members are inspired to co-create with us, their input and energy will add to and modify our vision to include their unique input. As a result, our vision is living and evolving according to the energies that are present in the group and on the land.

We intend to create our settlement following Anastasia’s dream of living in harmony with nature. Living this way we awaken our Human abilities to Create, and live the divine purpose.

We envision a settlement nurtured and stewarded with love. There are spaces of love with trees, ponds, flowers, fruits and beautiful shelters.

Each of us is competent and self-sufficient in our ability to create. We are an integral part of creating our own shelters. We help each other when requested and are able.

We see our group creating this settlement in or near mountains. There are grassy meadows, diverse tree species, and a creek running through the land year round. At night we see   the lights of the cosmos, and we hear the joyful sounds of nature and kin.

There is a drivable road to the entrance of the property with a covered parking area. We have an office for communications and other communal facilities. While there is a drivable road to each domain, most of the kin prefer to park their car and walk to their domain. The energy is generated locally and as sustainably as possible.

We aspire to be in conscious awareness of What we are carrying in our life. We take full responsibility for what we bring to our settlement. It is our intent that everything we bring and everything we do nourishes us and the land.

We see nature as the primary teacher for us and our children. Children are precious and valued and are the inspiration for the living art we create with our spaces of love.

We are a living natural academy that supports each other and others to increase the connection and relationship with the earth and cosmos. By sharing, teaching and guiding we become a living example of our evolving relationship with nature from survival, to joy, to divine.

Willi’s Vision

Let’s play

I envision tall trees that I climb and can see my own and other settlements. I sway in the wind as a breeze passes through knowing that I am held safe and connected to an ancient wisdom that runs from the earth to the cosmos and back to the earth.

I have forest around me where I can play hide and seek and have canyons, tall ferns, bushes and tress that conceal me. The forest envelopes me with fresh smells and is littered with all kinds of animal tracks and homes.

I swim, splash and play in the clear clean running water of a year round creek and rest in the calmness and still waters of the ponds that dot the land.

I eat berries and herbs that grow wild along the trails between the domains. I have wide open spaces where I can race, roll and frolic with my friends. I have friends that are younger than me and older than me. Some live further into the depths of the woods in simple shelters and some live near the open areas with larger homes.  Some of my friends have very simple toys that connect them with the cosmos and others have complex gadgets that can perform all sorts of technical tricks. We all share our toys and gadgets as we are all kin. Everyone is my cousin, aunt, uncle or grandparent. I feel safe as I roam knowing that everyone takes care of me and I look out for all the living beings of the land as well.

There are some areas of the settlement where there is constant exciting activity. There is noise and movement and a lot to learn.

Some areas are calm, quiet and pristine where nature is my teacher in every moment.  I know this land like most people know their kitchen. I can close my eyes and know the changes of the season, the movement of the animals, I understand the whispers of the wind and the language of the leaves. This is my home for now and forever. I will raise my children here and their children will raise my great-grandchildren here.


January 1 2011

I hope that you are all enjoying the holiday season and that everyone got a chance to see the amazing Lunar Eclipse on the Solstice. We had an amazing view here on the land.

Several people have mentioned that it is a little confusing as to who is actually a part of Vedrica so as the year comes to a close I want to take some time to do a little member profile. These people are Vedrica’s pioneers; they found the land and were the first to move out here and begin creating their future. Several of them even chose to spend the winter here, not really knowing what it would bring. All of them are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their future community members who will help them achieve the future they see for all of us.

First, we have the three people who found the land:

Yuri Kazantsev

Yuri is originally from Kazakhstan. He has lived in several parts of the United States and has traveled to many other parts of the world such as Canada, Peru, and Bolivia. He has now found his home in Idaho. He has formerly worked with a Ringing Cedars community in California (Shambala-Shasta) and in Colorado (Colorado Kin Domains). He is an avid adventurer and enjoys spending many hours outdoors just trekking around the land. Yuri wishes to build a strong community where people can live together with nature and with each other. He and his brother, Oleg, along with Oleg’s family are staying on the land this winter. You can contact Yuri at kzn3@aol.com

Joanna and Willow Castro

Willow, born in 10/2009 is Joanna’s inspiration for creating a family space of love. Willow is learning to follow tracks in the snow and understand animal’s signs in the soil. He enjoys walking on logs in the woods, walking in silence to listen to the squirrels and birds. Willow is an avid climber and will no doubt be scaling the valley walls of Vedrica by age five.

Joanna, born 1970, grew up outside of Bend Oregon on an 80% self sufficient family farm. She has lived the modern life for the last 20 years and is in the process of reclaiming her homesteading skills as well as finding her ancestral knowledge of relating to all of creation in harmony and balance. Being a mother to Willow is her greatest joy and inspiration for developing herself. She envisions a simple, small living structure, orchards, gardens, donkeys and chickens as part of her and Willow’s family space. The Ringing Cedar Series, the Continuum Concept, writings of Tom Brown Jr, and Daniel Quinn have all been very influential in her process. She is currently in California helping out a friend on their farm, but she plans to be back to Vedrica this spring. You can view her personal blog at joannasecotravels.wordpress.com or email her at adadelbosque@gmail.com

Second, we have the families who have joined them to help achieve the Vedrica Vision:

Oleg and Irina Kazantsev

Oleg is also from Kazakhstan as is all of his family: His wife Irina, his daughters Genia (19), Natalia (17) and his son Oleg Jr. (15). They have moved around the states as well and have chosen to settle here in Idaho in order to build a domain that they can pass on to their children and recapture their love of the land. Oleg and Yuri both used to be mountain guides and worked as a mountain rescue team and have a lot of knowledge regarding wilderness survival. Oleg was also a car mechanic and is currently supplying all the tools and equipment for building, fixing and maintaining. Irina is an amazing gardener, cook, and has an extraordinary imagination. She has been working on perfecting lasagna gardening and has produced amazing gardens for many years. She is also an amazing cook and can create very healthy meals along with traditional Russian and Kazakhian meals. She also enjoys painting and gathering mushrooms.

I (Genia) came to help my parents settle on to the land for winter. I have read all of the Anastasia books and someday I would like to have my own kin domain and carry out a wedding in the manner Anastasia describes. I am a Business Management student and I hope to show people that sustainable living is attainable and comfortable. I am also currently taking care of paperwork while Joanna is in California helping out a friend. I am also an avid horse lover and while I don’t own a horse, I plan to have several someday.

Natalia is a high school student finishing up her senior year. She is in the process of reading the Anastasia series and deciding where she wants to go in life. She is very enthusiastic and funny and helps to bring some balance to those of us who can be too serious sometimes. My family hopes that she will decide to live like this someday too.

Oleg Jr is an exceptionally hard working individual. He is responsible for maintaining the garage, all the tools, the generators, all of our equipment and machinery and basically any job that requires a handy man. He is very bright when it comes to working with his hands and getting the hard jobs done. He helps chop wood, pump water, cleans snow and basically works from sun up to sun down. He is looking for a young woman who he could build a future with here on the land.

We also have four dogs (two Malamutes and two German Shepherds) and three black cats of a Persian/Manx mix.

You can reach all of us at Gennyk4@yahoo.com. If you wish to speak to a specific person please let me know and I will forward the request to them.

Leo and Tatiana

Leo and Tatiana are originally from St. Petersburg, Russia. My family was lucky enough to meet them back in Colorado through my father’s business. Since then, they have read the Ringing Cedars books and have decided to join us in our creation. They are hoping to living sustainably in order to leave something behind for their children: On a small scale, their domain and on a large scale, the planet. They also dream of living without relying on things that they can’t control. They have three sons, one of whom is finishing high school. They aren’t currently living on the land but they have set up their plot and visited often throughout the summer and fall to work and plant on it. We expect to see them back here in the spring and hopefully sometime next year they will be able to move here permanently. Leo is a master with all things technological and is currently working on putting together a website for Vedrica and finding us good deals on all sorts of supplies. Tatiana is also good with various types of plants and herbs. She had raised several beds in the lasagna method in preparation for spring planting. The clover she planted in the summer to help prevent erosion had already come up. She has also planted numerous raspberry bushes and is taking care of a small plum tree. You can contact both of them atLeoruss7@gmail.com

This is just a short member profile to give our readers a glimpse of whose who. We will post full answers to the future settler’s questionnaire once the members have a chance to update them. That’s everyone for now; I can’t wait to see what the community will look like in the New Year. To all of our readers: We wish you all lots of happiness, health, and the fulfillment of those wishes closest to your heart.


November 2010

We had our first snowfall two weeks ago: About two inches of accumulation. It was absolutely beautiful to wake up in the morning and see the snow falling lightly onto all the pine trees and the field.  It was also nice to be sitting in front of the hot stove while it snowed outside. Actually, it only snowed on the top part of the property where we are staying now. Once you get about a thousand feet lower there was no snow accumulation. You can actually see the line of where the snow stops on the mountain opposite us. That night the sky was clear and everything froze by the following morning. The ground was frozen, any water left outside was frozen and the roads had finally frozen enough so that we are no longer ruining them by driving on them. Since then it has been snowing on and off. It will snow overnight. Then we will have a free day and then it will snow again. A portion of the snow melts between snowfalls. We have probably had a total accumulation of about three feet but there is only about a foot of snow on the ground where we don’t clean it.  The locals are expecting a very snow filled winter, but when Yuri was here last year there was barely any snow and there were still mushrooms on the ground in November. It’s hard to say what the weather patterns will be like in the future so we just take it day to day. Just yesterday it rained for half of the day and washed most of the snow away and all of today we had sunshine. Our two puppies love playing in the snow, and we had a great time sledding down the steep hill behind our homes. We are also planning on building a giant snowman. The temperatures have been in the 30’s which is actually quite warm as long as you’re moving around.

Out of other big news, we finally have a tractor! We brought it home from Orofino a week ago. It is a Kubota tractor with a loader. We are also in the process of getting the backhoe attachment which will greatly help us out with planting and maintenance.  The tractor has already been very helpful in keeping the roads clean of snow.  My mother is busy canning cabbage and carrots. She has about four buckets of canned cabbage by now.  We have finished insulating our food cellar, as well as insulating the RV’s with the straw bales we got in the summer.  We were also a little low on seasoned firewood for the winter and our wonderful neighbor was generous enough to give us some. It’s wonderful to know that there are such amazing people in this world who fully embody the meaning of neighbor. He has been living here for many years and has a lot of knowledge to share with us.  Next week we plan to attend the ladies’ social Christmas Lunch. We are looking forward to spending more time with our neighbors, and getting to know the unique people who live around us.

There are a lot of families interested in visiting our community in the spring. We are anxiously waiting to make lots of new acquaintances and hopefully to meet our future neighbors.  My family is very busy getting acclimated to this type of lifestyle. We are very busy deciding what we want to do on our domain so that when spring comes around we can hit the ground running. Tatiana and Leo are still in Colorado but they make sure to keep in touch about everything we are doing and they are looking forward to their next visit. Joanna has also been busy in California. She attended a meeting regarding communities like ours and spoke about Vedrica. She has also picked up new techniques for gardening and sprouting (which we are doing a lot of this winter, especially Yuri). She has also sent us some of the wonderful raw cheese that she makes. I have also enjoyed hearing from people my own age because they have a different perspective on what Vedrica is doing and their connection to it. I have enjoyed all of those conversations and I hope that they will come visit us in the spring. If anyone has any questions or wants me to talk about something specific in the blog please feel free to contact me at Gennyk4@yahoo.com

October 2010

My name is Genia and I just moved to the land with my family. I am 19 years old and I was a business major at the University of Denver in Colorado.  I will be updating the blog while Joanna is in California. Let’s hope I can keep up the wonderful work that she has begun.

Fall is definitely setting in with cold nights, warm days and lots of rain. The days are getting shorter and it usually gets dark around five o’clock. We had our first strong frost and even some snow on the morning of November 10th. We have been very busy for the last month and we have made a lot of progress. We have recently purchased a Wood-Mizer sawmill and have started gathering logs to make into boards. This way the boards will be dry when we need to build next year. We are also collecting branches and old logs to turn into firewood for the winter.

We have also made a lot of progress on our living quarters for the winter. We have set up three trailers in a U and are planning to put up a roof between them. Yura already has a wood stove in his trailer from last year and my parents Oleg and Irina have recently finished installing their wood stove. It is now so hot in there sometimes that we have to open the doors. We can actually do some cooking on the stove as well, which is a huge step towards sustainable living

. Oleg Jr. and Yuri have been busy hooking up both trailers to the solar panels and setting up the inverters. Some days we can run purely on solar power! We are also busy getting things organized. The boys are in the process of setting up a small mobile trailer that can easily be moved around the land to do necessary work. The trailer will contain tools for quick repairs and an emergency generator. We are also busy setting up the tool shop so that we can work with wood, metal and basically do any kind of handiwork that is required.

Leo and Tatiana were here at the end of October with their two younger sons to continue work on their domain.  They have already installed a wood stove as well and cut a lot of firewood. They have been very busy all summer planting clover, raspberries and various flowers. They already have several beds prepared for spring planting and the place gets more beautiful each time they visit.

We have picked the last of the blackberries along with the apples and pears. We dried some of the apples for use in the winter time. We have several different varieties of apple trees and we plan to prune and reproduce the types that grew the best and tasted the best. The blackberries from earlier in the summer were turned into preserves.  My sister, Natalia, gathers the rose bush berries which can then be dried and used for tea and other purposes. My mother was also happy to discover that Vedrica is a mushroom picker’s haven. Mushroom picking seems to be more of a Russian tradition, but it is one that can be enjoyed by everyone. There are many different varieties of edible mushrooms on the land and we have been picking them and salting/drying them for winter.

We have also started the fall planting for next year. Irina has planted several rows of berry bushes along with a whole patch of strawberries. She is also busy planting patches of crocuses, narcissus and hyacinths so that they can all bloom in the spring.  We also plan to plant more fruit trees, berry bushes, lilac, and maybe some nut trees as well. Irina has also raised several beds for the winter plantings of garlic, carrots, onions, dill and parsley. We are also going to experiment and plant cabbage in the winter to see how well it comes up in the spring.

Regarding the climate, it has been fairly temperate. When we first got here in September we had many hot days. Then it would rain for several days. As we moved through October, the nights got colder, but we still had warm days. Periodically it will still rain for several days at a time. Even when it’s raining it’s still fairly warm outside. Occasionally, there are strong winds on certain parts of the land. A wind generator could definitely be put to work. We have only had a couple of small overnight frosts, and one fairly strong frost. We have only had a tiny bit of snow that melted within a few hours.

We have also started to get acquainted with our neighbors on the surrounding farms. The ladies who live on the farms have formed a social where they meet once a month to catch up on all the things that are going on. In the winter time for Thanksgiving and Christmas they invite all the men and children to join them. We attended the Thanksgiving social and were able to meet all of our wonderful neighbors. It was nice just to take some time to socialize and build good connections with the people around us. One of our neighbors actually brought his bulldozer over to our land to help us maintain some of the roads that we have here with as minimal impact as possible.  In return, we will be lending him our sawmill’s ability to make boards out of the logs on his land. We have also been working hard to mark our property to make sure that hunters know we own the land and they can no longer hunt on it.

Life on the land is very busy, but it’s the kind of work that we can enjoy. Every day brings something new. All of us are developing our range of skills and abilities whether it be chopping wood, gathering berries or learning to think outside of the box. If anybody wishes to contact me personally with further questions please email me at Gennyk4@yahoo.com.

Moving into Fall and Winter

We had a few more visitors toward the end of the summer.

Four cyclists who are exploring the Nation via peddle power came for a visit. It was amazing to hear their story of how they had met us back in Boulder a year prior. They were struggling to find a purpose and vision for life. Over the year they found the inspiration to create a small community and journey across the US visiting eco communities. We are so glad they were touched by our vision and hope they stop again on their way back.

Our new friends Francisco, Colette and Jessua stayed on the land for almost a week exploring their relationship with all of Vedrica. Willow and Jessua were great friends and played beautifully together. We very much enjoyed the family and look forward to having more time together.

Another visitor from PA came for a few days. He helped us prepare for winter. We had a good discussion on how to attract young people to the settlement. We do hope that he will keep us in his heart as he explores what life has to offer him at his young age  of 22. We hope to create a settlement that is thriving and attractive to all ages. Especially those with young backs.

Our partners Tatiana and Leo came to the land for about two weeks. They did an amazing job at co-creating their space-of-love during their time on the land. The entire family will be at Vedrica for more visits both this fall and winter in a now comfortable, living space.

Joanna and Willow are in Northern California for the winter. They are caregivers on a homestead.  They both miss the Vedrica family, and the symphony of sounds that greet every morning on the land. Joanna will be meeting with other groups that are forming and aspiring to create settlements along the west coast.

Yuri continues to sleep in his tent helping his body to acclimatize to the changing seasons. He has put in much energy and love to moving his brother and family to the land for the winter. Welcome to Oleg, Irena, Genia, Natialia and Olegavich. What an amazing move they pulled together to be there all together for the first winter.

Much work is being done in order to prepare for the cold. Wood stoves are being installed, covered spaces are being created and eventually a straw bale wall around the semi-circle of dwellings to keep out the wind.

August 15th Update

The Closing


On August 4th, the birthday of our precious partner Tatiana,

10 month birthday of our youngest member Will,

and 7 months since we made our first offer on the Land. The Deed of Trust for the property was entered into the name of Vedrica Forest Gardens LLC. The five of us partners have been living with the limitation of every thing being “temporary until the closing” for a quarter of a year. It has been stressful for us and now we feel the relief of being able to create spaces on our “Motherland”. We are very excited and in gratitude that this beautiful corner of the earth is for us to care give and beautify for ourselves, our family and the families that will join us soon.

The Gardens

We have some orange tomatoes, many green ones and more blossoms each day.

The cucumbers and melons are small but doing their best with new blooms as well.

We are saving our seed from the lettuce and herbs that have bolted and the peas that have matured. It is yet to be seen what the cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli will be able to do. We have such varied soil in a rather small space. Some areas are almost pure sand, others pure clay, some are a mix and some have humus. We realize that all of the soils need some tender loving care. Compost and worm bins have been started and we have a lot of access to cow, horse and even bison manure. This fall we will likely load up the garden spaces with manure and rotted hay to nourish the soil over the winter. Many areas will be planted with clover as a cover crop and a durable ground cover to help retain moister next year. We are loaded with ripe black berries and wild plums, the apples are on there way to ripening.

The Kin

Shari braved the six weeks of rain and has made amazing contributions despite less than optimal conditions. She was pretty much a one member road crew and made it so we could get up and down the driveway despite the heavy rains. She continued to work on roads and opened up a road that goes through the community reception area into the east hillside that will now host her Space of Love. The work she has done should have been done by a full crew of strong able bodied kin but she kept at it each day saving fire wood for the winter as she moved along.

Thanks to Yura’s artistic eye for beauty, we now have an open and climbable Willow tree in the middle of the community area.

The shower he created for the community space will surely have to be preserved in the Vedrica museum some day.

Yura’s persisted through very emotionally challenging circumstances and was able to create an equitable deal with the owner and realtors for a successful closing.

Willow and I have been going to the Farmer’s Market with some friends. We work together in their gardens, make value added products and enjoy wathcing our children grow together.

I have also been establishing working relationships wtih the county agencies and looking into the programs for which we might be eligible.

Shari, Willow and I recently created an outdoor kitchen space. It is functional and rustic with beauty in mind. The persons creating food in the space will look out over the orchard and the view the canyon.

We are in the process of applying for and researching various programs that will support our conservation and preservation efforts. We are exploring a conservation easement along the creek frontage, a wildlife pond that will also serve for irrigation, tree planting to prevent soil erosion and creating a forest management plan to improve the health of the land.

We recently had a visit from our partner Tatiana and Yura’s nephew, Oleg.

They brought great love and enthusiasm to all of us. Yura and Oleg Jr. put up a quarter mile of fence through very steep land filled with blackberry, multiflora rose and hawthorns. Tatiana gave the three of us and the gardens her tender loving care. We are all grateful and more healthy as a result.

Oleg and Irina are on the land as we write this update. They are preparing some space for them live down at the creek. We always look forward to Irina’s care taking through her yummy food and Oleg’s straight forward practicality.

We had a few families visit this summer.

Willow enjoyed having other children around. He watched, listened and interacted learning everything he could from his older cousins.

We were inspired by the visits and enjoyed the enthusiasm and interest that the families bring to our project. We sincerely hope that the families will find the path that brings them the most happiness, and that it will be co-creating the settlement with us.

Preparing for Closing

We have been working at improving and clarifying our documents for the Pioneers that are staring our project as well as the settlers that will join us in the future. Go to documents to see what is happening.

June 18th Update

The Gardens

The sun has come out. After over six weeks of rain, we are dancing in celebration of our sunny days. All of the plants are doing their best to catch up. Many seeds are just starting to show that they didn’t actually mold, but rather, just waited for the right conditions.

I have been visiting neighbors who have been gardening here for years and it is good to know that we are all at about the same stage except for those that went out and purchased green house starts.

The good news is that most everything will likely have a chance to grow and produce as the first fall frost generally come in mid October.

The plum trees have cute little plums developing as do the apples and cherries. We have even found a couple of pair trees in the field.

The strawberries that our neighbor gifted us are giving us a few precious fruits each sunny day.

The Closing

The date for closing is now July 7th. We have been delayed almost two months due to a complication around the legal, documented permission to use the access road to our land. We have met with BLM and they have informed us that the road is open for anyone to use for recreation proposes, but not for residential or commercial purposes. The BLM will rent us a Right of Way for 30 year increments with a very affordable annual rent. We have asked that the owners pay for the 30 year lease as well as pay our North neighbor for a “utility easement”. So far, they have agreed to both and are working on the details. We continue to plan to generate our own energy but feel that having the “utility easement” may be important for unforeseen reasons.

The Kin

We were very excited to have a visit from our fifth partner, Yuri’s brother Oleg and his family. Their visit to the land helped us all to experience the sense of community we have been visioning. They spent five days with us, sharing in exploring the land, co-creating the vision, laughter and love.

Shari, Yuri, Willi and I continue to live with and develop our relationship with the land. Oleg/Irina and Leo/Tatiana’s family will visit through the summer and fall, bringing needed resources and added energy. They will likely be moving to the land next spring. There are three other families that are interested in becoming involved as soon as possible who are working at getting themselves to the land to visit. Other families have called and will come for visits over the summer to explore their relationship with Vedrica.

We are all finding our way as a community, kin, friends and individuals. We enjoy the freedom to explore how we fit together and to grow every day.

6/1/10 Update

Settlement structure

Our vision and creation continue to be a work in progress. We recently sought legal advice from a real estate attorney. He has informed us that we cannot grant individual deeds/titles to members without those parcels becoming fair game on the open real estate market if someone decides to move from the settlement. Because we value preserving the integrity of the settlement as a Ringing Cedars inspired community, we have changed ownership structure. We will be keeping the land in one piece of 270 acres under the LLC Vedrica Forest Gardens. Twenty acre parcels will be established and divided into two. People will purchase (or trade) a membership into the LLC which will give them the exclusive use of a pre-plotted 3 acre “space of love” and a 7 acre area of which they will be the primary caregiver/resident. These spaces, and rights to their use, can be passed on to heirs that are also members of the LLC. Members are co-owners of the entire settlement and it’s community spaces. They are the exclusive owners to any improvements they make to the three acre space and can sell those improvements to incoming members if they decide to leave.

Living on the Land

Creation has made up for a mild winter by bringing an unseasonably wet spring at Vedrica. We have had more than three inches of rain in the last two weeks. Just in time for Shari’s arrival. Shari is tired of being wet and ready to return to the desert. Her two cats, Squirt and Angel have enjoyed their fair share of mice and we are grateful for their contribution as well as Shari’s.

The land welcomes the precipitation. The mushrooms are popping up and ferns and roses are growing leaps and bounds.  We have taken advantage of the extended wet season by creating more water holding spaces in the clay soil of the field. Some of our seeds have gotten moldy, so we will be replanting during the next appropriate phase of the moon.

We now have a June 18th date for closing while the land owner and our neighbor work out an easement across the neighbor’s property (preparing for the chance that the BLM road ever closes). We have talked with BLM. We were told that they are in the business of acquiring land that borders creeks and rivers, not selling it. They have no intention of closing the road. So, the easement between the land owners is about getting a title insurance company to insure the title. It is not about access to our land, as that is covered by the BLM easement as well as  “By-use” easement that establishes a right to access ones property in the state of Idaho after the road has been used to access the property for 7 years (this one has been used since 1984).

Now that the summer break has arrived for school aged children, we are preparing for visits from three more partners to come feel and experience the land together. The strawberries, wild and domestic, should be ripe for their arrival.

May Update

We welcome our co-creative founding partner, Shari Weitzenkamp. Shari joined us this week with her two cats, Angel and Squirt. Shari is very excited to get her own plants started, share in creating gardens for the farmers market and join in getting our LLC established. Angel and Squirt are excited to help keep the gardens rodent free.

We spent our first day at the beach of Lolo. It was a beautiful sunny day, the water was fresh and fast. Shari has been touched by the beauty of the land that hosts Vedrica

Yuri, Willi and I have been living on the land now for about a month. We have explored the domain sites, water sources and soil types. Where we have our temporary home has a lot of sand and the soil is very easy to dig. There are apple and plum trees, black berry bushes and snow berry bushes abound.

We have a large old Willow tree for shade.

Our neighbors are wonderful and supportive. They have all told us, with a hint of envy, “you can grow anything down there”. They have gifted us with strawberry and raspberry starts.

We have started various garden areas: The three sisters, Cucumber and tomatoes, herbs, greens, sunflower and peas. We have planted onions and marigolds to ward of rodents and have surrounded the spaces with wild rose, blackberry and raspberry to ward off deer. It is all a grand experiment and we are enjoying the process.

We are also exploring the wild foods of the area.

Our friend Doug Clark has visited a couple of times and introduced us to a few new plants. We have befriended a woman who has her own private library and has gifted us with valuable field guides on wild food that are specific to Idaho.

We are creating ponds and developing the nearest spring. The soil under both of these is a perfect mixture of sand, clay and grass. The damms are working perfectly.

Yuri has put in a lot of hours digging himself into muddy holes. We look forward to having others join us so we can have some mud slinging and clay paints.

We are also gathering rain water and storing it in our travel trailer water tanks. From there we can water a few of the garden spaces easily.

Our current home site is a great space to receive people with a lot of beautiful camp spaces. I envision this being a great place from which to run our Community Supported Agriculture next year.

We have created our LLC Partnership agreements and have filed for the paperwork. This will allow us to hold the land in one piece while also allowing folks to be a tenant in common on 10 acres of land with a deed.

We are offering two options for investors to support Vedrica Forest Gardens. Some of the partnership members are also investors.

Life is good and we invite you to come join in the fun.

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you. You can reach Joanna at


or contact Yura on the land at kzn3@aol.com or 303-908-184

The Land

We are in search of land that fits our vision for a settlement.
This land will;
have varied tree species,
support the growing of orchards and gardens,
have abundant water,
have open meadow or pasture land,
have a year-round creek or stream,
allow multiple dwellings and smaller parcels,
have free easement and access to the land,
be near or in the mountains,
support wildlife,
feel like a playground that supports our exploration of the divine program.

We have found the land that fits these criteria in central Idaho near Orofino.