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Evolving Vision

Spring 2017 update.

Our community has recently split into two factions, the “LLC” and the “Circle”. We, the members of the LLC (Joanna Castro and Jerry Russell) would like to present our viewpoint on the events that have led to the present situation.

In 2015, a wildfire burned much of the forest. A qualified forester has told us  that if we leave the dead and dying trees on the land, they will eventually fall and form an impassable thicket. As such, they will also comprise a dangerous and unnatural fuel load close to the ground that could burn again and further damage the soil. We need to remove the dead trees and re-plant.

Our community reached a consensus that a salvage and restoration project is necessary for the future recovery of the land. Unfortunately, we failed to reach any agreement on who should do the project, or what would be done with the lumber. 

We have also been unable to reach an agreement on our community policy regarding marijuana cultivation. In 2016, the community was subject to helicopter surveillance and a police raid.  “Circle” members have told us that marijuana has been grown on and sold from our land in the past. This would be a violation of our Operating Agreement, if indeed it actually happened. It is also a violation of our mortgage, and a felony in the state of Idaho. In spite of this, the “Circle” members have been unwilling to sign any written agreement that they will not cultivate marijuana in the future.

In order to break the deadlock, two of our three paying LLC members in good standing (Joanna Castro and Jerry Russell) voted to terminate the membership of the other member (Leo Russ), who represents the “Circle”. 

Earlier in the spring, we also removed Nick and Marcy Riggle from the membership roster of the LLC, as maintained on the Idaho Secretary of State website. Leo Russ had added them previously without our consent. Our community requires that members make either a financial contribution or a work-trade, which the Riggles seldom if ever provided. 

The LLC currently holds title to the land. The remaining LLC members intend to complete our mission by carrying out salvage logging and forest restoration, paying off the mortgage, and partitioning and selling the land in 20 acre parcels. We hope to return the pioneers’ investments to the maximum possible extent.

Leo Russ of the “Circle” has, unfortunately, been making many false and misleading charges against us. Among other things, he says that we intend to steal his investment, that we intend to clearcut the land, and that we have stolen the bank account. All of these accusations are, of course,  false.

Those with interest in learning more about our story, or in future membership, are encouraged to contact:

Joanna at 541-735-1578


Jerry at <jerry-r@comcast.net>.

Vedrica– Wise land

The vision of Vedrica is to co-create a settlement of people using the creation story as told by Anastasia in book 4 of the Ringing Cedars of Russia Series.

The creator had a divine dream to create something greater than self. This dream started a conversation amongst all the diverse energies of the universe. They asked the creator,

‘What do you desire?’

‘Co-creation and joy for all from its contemplation’ was the answer.

At the creator’s request, all the diverse energies contributed a part of their energy to the dream. The creator harmonized all of these energies within itself. The creator was filled with powerful energy and the desire to manifest. With a harmonized balance of all these energies, inspired by love, the creator made the physical world.

When love inspires two people to make a family together, a similar co-creation takes place. The different qualities of the couple are unified with a desire to birth a new life and the dream is manifested.

We have a dream to create something inspiring and joyful. Our vision is to co-create a settlement harmonizing and balancing the diverse energies of the members into a grand and beautiful loving mosaic of family domains.

The vision that follows is a co-creation of the members currently involved in Vedrica. As other members are inspired to co-create with us, their input and energy will add to and modify our vision to include their unique input. As a result, our vision is living and evolving according to the energies that are present in the group and on the land.

We intend to create our settlement following Anastasia’s dream of living in harmony with nature. Living this way we awaken our Human abilities to Create, and live the divine purpose.

We envision a settlement nurtured and stewarded with love. There are spaces of love with trees, ponds, flowers, fruits and beautiful shelters.

Each of us is competent and self-sufficient in our ability to create. We are an integral part of creating our own shelters. We help each other when requested and are able.

We see our group creating this settlement in or near mountains. There are grassy meadows, diverse tree species, and a creek running through the land year round. At night we see   the lights of the cosmos, and we hear the joyful sounds of nature and kin.

There is a drivable road to the entrance of the property with a covered parking area. We have an office for communications and other communal facilities. While there is a drivable road to each domain, most of the kin prefer to park their car and walk to their domain. The energy is generated locally and as sustainably as possible.

We aspire to be in conscious awareness of What we are carrying in our life. We take full responsibility for what we bring to our settlement. It is our intent that everything we bring and everything we do nourishes us and the land.

We see nature as the primary teacher for us and our children. Children are precious and valued and are the inspiration for the living art we create with our spaces of love.

We are a living natural academy that supports each other and others to increase the connection and relationship with the earth and cosmos. By sharing, teaching and guiding we become a living example of our evolving relationship with nature from survival, to joy, to divine.

Willi’s Vision

Let’s play

I envision tall trees that I climb and can see my own and other settlements. I sway in the wind as a breeze passes through knowing that I am held safe and connected to an ancient wisdom that runs from the earth to the cosmos and back to the earth.

I have forest around me where I can play hide and seek and have canyons, tall ferns, bushes and tress that conceal me. The forest envelopes me with fresh smells and is littered with all kinds of animal tracks and homes.

I swim, splash and play in the clear clean running water of a year round creek and rest in the calmness and still waters of the ponds that dot the land.

I eat berries and herbs that grow wild along the trails between the domains. I have wide open spaces where I can race, roll and frolic with my friends. I have friends that are younger than me and older than me. Some live further into the depths of the woods in simple shelters and some live near the open areas with larger homes.  Some of my friends have very simple toys that connect them with the cosmos and others have complex gadgets that can perform all sorts of technical tricks. We all share our toys and gadgets as we are all kin. Everyone is my cousin, aunt, uncle or grandparent. I feel safe as I roam knowing that everyone takes care of me and I look out for all the living beings of the land as well.

There are some areas of the settlement where there is constant exciting activity. There is noise and movement and a lot to learn.

Some areas are calm, quiet and pristine where nature is my teacher in every moment.  I know this land like most people know their kitchen. I can close my eyes and know the changes of the season, the movement of the animals, I understand the whispers of the wind and the language of the leaves. This is my home for now and forever. I will raise my children here and their children will raise my great-grandchildren here.

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